5 thoughts on “SOME DRINK TO REMEMBER”

  1. Loving your posts! This is so so true. I write letters to both of our girls (online and off), for them and for me because I know I will be all, “Wha..? Huh? Go ask your father” when they ask me certain childhood questions. I look at their baby photos now even and Jimmy and I both will ask each other if we remember them being that small. And they are still small!
    I also opened email accounts for both of them and send them each emails a couple times a week with some of the 168,987 photos we have taken so far with a quick story about the moment…. like you say, to remember. I am hoping these letters and emails will help them tell their own stories when they are grown and/or be useful when taken to their therapists. ; )

  2. Hi Bucky-
    We (John and I) are LOVING your blog! Your writing
    helps us remember our days as young parents – our “babies”
    are 24 & 22 :).
    It is fun to see what you are up to since your days
    at 5 Olde – keep writing, you’re fabulous!
    Patti & John

  3. I read a great list of “top things for parents to do” somewhere… most of it was general “do good” kind of stuff, but the one that really stuck with me was “Write your child a handwritten note every year on their birthday. Put them away and give them to them when you feel the time is right.” I’ve lost 7 years of doing this for my girls… but I’m going to try to start this year, and may even try to backfill some that I’ve missed.

  4. My husband’s not a blogger but I’m going to share this post w him. He always jokes that my role is “putting things away and knowing where things are”. Mostly releaving himself of any responsabilities šŸ˜‰ I’ve never heard of communal memory, but I believed in it even before I read your post. Some great points here about leaving memories behind.
    Everyone thinks I’m crazy b/c I create a monthly photobook for my son with pictures and include titles and a few stories along the way. My husband and I find it helpfull looking at them now to remember what Kyle “did” at 3 months, etc… It will also make for a great reference when he’s older and asking us the same questions you had. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the comments guys!

    Great ideas Stacy & Jason–we’ve been doing the letter thing, too, but I never thought to open email accounts… And good work on the photobooks, Mayahood–this is no small task!

    Thanks for the kudos, too Patti & John! Don’t think 5 Olde won’t be in here somewhere…. šŸ™‚ Cheers, Bucky

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